What Exactly Do We Do?

Our leading eCommerce platform includes a suite of products to help your company improve your overall eCommerce strategy.

Just some of the things we can do:

  • Turn your brand website into a shoppable site
  • Promote offers in off-domain channels, including social media
  • Analyse and optimise marketing ROI
  • And so much more

Where To Buy Technology

Track engaged users from first brand interaction, right through to final sale on retailer sites. This helps you adjust your campaigns to create positive feedback loops and see your sales numbers soar!

Offline Store Locator

Brands now have the ability to send their consumers to their closest retailers, enabling them to understand the root causes of users moving to an offline purchase point to help adjust their digital strategies towards purchasing habits.

Add To Cart Functionality

Offer your consumers the option to add single or multiple products directly into their baskets on a retailer’s site as they engage with your brand content. This not only removes the need for a user to navigate through individual product pages but drives higher AOV with built bundles and multi-buys.

eTail Monitoring

Capture price and stock fluctuations for your entire retail portfolio, enabling you to identify the impact of coverage and price on conversions and category performance.

Dynamic Social Feed

Our product feeds can be integrated into brands paid and organic social media, allowing brands to automatically update price, stock, images and product name with zero maintenance.

Performance Insights

Quick and easy access to advanced, cross-channel insights enables data-driven decisions for future eCommerce strategy planning. Discover product-level insights, compare retailer data, highlight emerging trends and more.

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