Top eCommerce Trends For 2018 And Key Predictions for 2019

The global eCommerce market is booming. Last year, it accounted for approximately $2.3 trillion in sales. By 2021, this figure is expected to hit $4.5 trillion. To seize the huge opportunity this represents, brands must keep up with the relentless pace of technological innovation, as well as fundamental changes in consumer preferences and behaviours. In the world of eCommerce, it’s very much a case of adapt or die.

In this live webinar, TBC of ChannelSight and TBC of Zenith Media will offer expert analysis and advice for your brand to not just survive this ever-changing landscape, but to thrive in it.

This 40-minute webinar will include:

  • A recap of eCommerce in 2018, identifying and examining the most important trends and developments every brand needs to be on top of
  • Analysis of what’s been going down at Amazon and the other big online marketplaces in 2018, and what this means for your brand
  • The inside scoop on what lies ahead for 2019
  • The new and emerging eCommerce trends your brand must harness to get ahead next year and beyond


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Melanie FitzgeraldWebinar: Top eCommerce Trends For 2018 And Key Predictions For 2019