Tassimo needed to offer more sales channels to give customers the purchasing choices they have now come to expect. They were aware that although customers wanted to research products on their site, they may still prefer to purchase from their preferred retailer, and not offering this option risked losing a sale.


Introducing ChannelSight’s Where to Buy technology enabled Tassimo’s customers to easily choose between purchasing from their preferred retailer or from the brand direct. This offered customers with choice, and in turn improved conversions. The solution was fast and easy to implement ensuring Tassimo were up and running in a matter of weeks.


Tassimo now has the ability to capture more consumers when purchase intent is high. Since introducing ChannelSight to their eCommerce Strategy, Tassimo has seen a 77% decrease in overall bounce rate and 56% decrease in exit rates. Additionally, they experienced a 7.9% increase in Tassimo machine conversions and 5.3% increase in Tassimo drink conversions. Having this insight empowered Tassimo to drive bottom-line marketing ROI through more effective and efficient allocation of marketing resources.

“ChannelSight’s Where to Buy technology helped us enhance the online shopping experience for our customers. Today when consumers are looking for a choice based shopping experience, ChannelSight plays a vital role in helping us set up and optimise our online shop, providing a Where to Buy solution with a perfectly balanced channel strategy.”

Irina Stutveot, Ecommerce Engagement Manager, JDE

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