As a newcomer to eCommerce, a key challenge for Tork was directing targeted traffic to online retailers, while generating new customers without distributing the existing. Tork knew it was crucial to identify and adopt the right technology that would help improve the online experience for their digitally savvy consumers.


Implementing ChannelSight’s Where to Buy technology, Tork not only overcame this challenge but also succeeded in ways it never expected. Tork initially went live in one market, however, they were so pleased with the implementation process and result that they soon expanded to five other regions.


Tork has seen huge sales from day one, with revenue continuing to climb. They have seen extremely impressive conversion rates and even uncovered an untapped brand revenue stream. But the best result for Tork is they now have the ability to calculate a clear ROI on marketing efforts that will help them optimize their future strategy according to what channels and campaigns are proving the most effective.

“ChannelSight technology has seen us uncover a whole new market, instantly generate tens of thousands in untapped brand revenue and achieve conversion rates of over 30%. It’s extremely impressive.”

Jennifer Miescke, Senior eCommerce Activation Manager, Tork USA.

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