The Buy Box is the box on a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts. A key feature of the Amazon website is that multiple sellers can offer the same product. If more than one eligible seller offers a product, they can compete to be featured in the Buy Box for that product (if it can be shipped to the customer’s address).

For many sellers, Buy Box placement can lead to dramatically increased sales. However, to be eligible to “win” the Buy Box, Amazon requires sellers to meet several performance-based criteria:

  • You must have a professional account.
  • Metrics like your Order Defect Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Late Shipment Rate, along with aspects like price, positive customer feedback, inventory volume, and low return/refund rates determine eligibility. The better you perform, the higher your chances are of becoming Buy Box eligible. 
  • Check your performance on Amazon’s Account Health via the Seller Central
  • To accurately assess your performance, Amazon also require that you have sufficient order volume (which varies among categories).

Please note that being eligible for Amazon Buy Box in one category does give you the benefits in other categories.

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