Amazon Choice Label products are those that are recommended by Amazon, based on their reviews, price and those that are available to ship immediately. Initially Amazon’s Choice feature was added to streamline shopping with Amazon’s voice search assistant – Echo but having the badge means that the product is recommended by Amazon. 

How to get Amazon’s Choice Label? 

Amazon has millions of products, hence being recommended by Amazon under their Choice Label can add a lot of value for your brands. 

Here are a few key areas that you should focus on when trying to get your products listed as Amazon Choice Label:

  • Focus on bringing up your customer ratings. Positive reviews can increase your chances of being selected for the Prime badge. 
  • Your products must be Prime eligible in order to be selected as they are products that are ready to ship immediately. 
  • Keywords are the key as the badge is highly dependent on specific keywords searches.
  • Be price competitive – though this can change over a period of time, being price effective will help your brand get Amazon’s choice label.

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