Consumer Journey is the amalgamation of all the experiences the customer undergoes when interacting with a brand or a company including the before purchase and after the purchase experience. Thinking about it in a traditional setting whereby a consumer sees a board for your store, enters it, interacts with the salespeople, and then buys your product.

In an online context, the consumer journey refers to the various stages of a consumer’s experience when shopping online. It includes all interactions that the customer has with the business online, such as browsing the website, reading the product description, to completing a purchase. There are many factors that accumulate to become a consumer journey. It’s important to ensure that the consumer journey is smooth for a positive experience which in turn can lead to higher customer retention.

Consumers’ journeys can start at various points with so many channels available in today’s world. They may discover the brands through various channels, whether it be a search display network, social media or in-store. The search for products conducted via voice search, smartphones and or via desktops. Consumers before purchasing the products also see the reviews and ratings, and the purchase itself can be through different channels. One can buy it in-store, from marketplaces or from the online store. Modern day consumers want various options when it comes to delivery of the product. In order to provide a positive consumer experience, drive conversions and stay competitive it’s important for you to understand your consumer’s needs and wants, identify and map their journey, and optimize the consumer journeys.

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