Around 20 to 30 years back, the consumer journey would start by either identifying a need or seeing an ad on billboards, newspapers, radio and or TV. Consumers would learn about the products and go to purchase it in-store. However, it is no longer a single journey but rather an amalgamation of many small journeys that lead to a purchase. It has now evolved in a multichannel way of shopping.

modern consumer journey

Consumers may discover the brands through various channels, whether it be a search display network, social media or in-store. The search for products conducted via voice search, smartphones and or via desktops. Consumers before purchasing the products also see the reviews and ratings, and the purchase itself can be through different channels. One can buy it in-store, from marketplaces or from the online shop. Modern day consumers even want various options when it comes to delivery of the product. Hence, this amalgamation of lots of small journeys is referred to as the modern consumer journey.

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