What is Digital Shelf?

The eCommerce digital shelf refers to the third-party websites such as marketplaces or applications where your products are displayed. It is very similar to the physical, it’s the place where your products are discovered by customers. It’s vital to have a consistent digital shelf across channels where your products are listed and have the right product information to assist customers with their purchases.

Some key factors to keep in mind for your digital shelf are:

1. Price point: Pricing is one of the main influencers of conversions. Too high, you lose them. Too low, your margins suffer, and potentially your sales, as you risk giving the impression your products are poor quality.

2. Stock: Your product can’t be bought if it’s not in stock. So ensure your logistics are on-point.

3.Content: Ensure the essential product information is presented clearly, with strong supporting imagery. Use multiple product shots from different angles and views, and the likes of lifestyle shots showing it out of the box and in use. Remember that consumers can’t ‘try things on for size’ in the online store, so content needs to compensate.

4.Conversion influencers: In a physical store, staff help customers — answering questions, alleviating concerns, and building confidence. The online equivalent is a product detail page enriched with as many Q&As, ratings, reviews and other user-generated content as possible. This social proof builds that crucial consumer trust that has the most impact on conversions.

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