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Insights Into One Place

Know more. Sell more.

 Capturing performance insights along the consumer path to purchase from source and first brand interaction right through to final sale, ChannelSight’s solutions empowers brands with the ability to identify what markets, brands, retailers, channels, campaigns, creatives and product SKUs are performing best. Quick and easy access to advanced, cross-channel insights enables data-driven decisions for future eCommerce strategy planning

Budget Optimisation

Identify what channels, campaigns and content are having the biggest impact on sales across retail partners for more efficient allocation of marketing spend

Product Prioritisation

Capture and compare cross-channel product performance data to prioritise products influencing the conversion funnel

Path to Purchase Visibility

End-to-end visibility of the online consumer journey to understand consumer shopping behaviours and pinpoint where shoppers may be dropping off in the purchase funnel

Compare Retailer Sales Data

Identify and leverage top performing retail partners with instant access to leads, sales and conversion metrics across multiple retailers on a single dashboard

Discover Product Level Insights

Track and gain access to deep product and basket level composition insights to know where and what consumers are buying along with your products

Optimise Channel & Campaign Performance

Cross-channel click-through and conversion rate insights to identify what channels or campaigns are impacting the bottom line

Highlight Emerging Trends

User-friendly dashboards to highlight real-time month on month or year on year trends by market, channel, campaign, device, retailer, product plus much more so strategic decisions can be made with confidence

Monitor Price & Stock Coverage

Track and monitor product prices and stock coverage across retail partners and markets to easily pinpoint brand de-valuing offenders and enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) where necessary

“Based on the data available, we can get to the heart of it all and see which online channels and call to actions are delivering. We can see top performing brands, products, retailers, number of leads we are sending to each retailer, compare conversion rates across retailers and ultimately see the impact all digital marketing activity is having.”

Joanna Weston, Digital Marketing Manager

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