Selling On The eBay Marketplace:

9 Surefire Steps For Success

Did you know the average visit duration on eBay is 50% longer than on Amazon?

Nowadays, the original shopping pioneer is often overlooked, however, it still a major contender with 175 million active users and plans to triple it to 500 million after it’s rebranding.

However succeeding on the eBay marketplace requires a unique strategy that can be hard for brands to wrap their heads around.

So, we’ve put together 9 simple steps your brand can take to ensure your success on eBay, including:

  • Keeping Cassini Happy
  • Making Your Content Relevent
  • Using the eBay Catalogue
  • Communicate Customer Service
  • Using eBay’s Marketing Features
  • Keeping Pricing Competitive
  • Getting Serious About Shipping
  • Driving Targeted Outside Traffic To Your eBay Listings
  • Actively Seeking Buyer Feedback

What are you waiting for? Download this essential brand guide to selling on the eBay marketplace for your surefire route to success.


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Melanie FitzgeraldSelling On The eBay Marketplace: 9 Surefire Steps For Success