Future Proofing: How Consumer Electronics Brands Are Charging Up Conversion Rates in 2018 And Beyond

Technological innovations and disruptive retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are transforming the consumer electronics sector. More brands are producing smart appliances, and less are investing in direct to consumer eCommerce, instead focusing on how to leverage retailer partnerships to drive online conversions.

Join ChannelSight’s Tom Corbett on this On-Demand Webinar to hear about the exciting trends shaping the online consumer electronics industry, and how brands are using the likes of Buy Now technology to stay ahead. In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Compete with leading retailers like Amazon and Best Buy
  • Evolve your products and digital strategy in line with technological advances
  • Optimize your brand performance across all digital channels to succeed best in the online store

Watch now to learn from the experts exactly what it takes to future proof your online strategy in the consumer electronics space!