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Having established itself as a tried, tested and increasingly popular market leader since its launch in 2008, the next step for SKYN was improving their digital presence and website conversions. They had a website that was dead-end. It was live for 7 years, with high traffic volumes, however although a lot of consumers were visiting and learning about their brand and products, unfortunately they were not converting into sales.


SKYN knew that offering their consumers more choice in where to buy their products was essential. By adopting ChannelSight’s technology it allowed them to do that at minimum cost, risk and fuss.


ChannelSight’s Where to Buy technology helped remove competitive distraction along the consumer path to purchase, which lead to an increase in conversions of up to 24%. The partners of SKYN are also benefiting from large volumes of high-converting traffic being sent their way, strengthening SKYN’s position with them.

“We wanted to offer consumers more choice in where to buy our products and ChannelSight’s technology facilitated this brilliantly at minimum cost, risk and fuss.”

Austin Chesterfield, Associate Director of Global eCommerce & Performance Marketing, SKYN

Melanie FitzgeraldSKYN Case Study