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How a Where to Buy Solution Can Boost Your Brand's Sales

A Where to Buy solution is a simple but powerful tool that can revolutionise your eCommerce strategy. It has the power to boost your customer satisfaction, drive up conversions and give you valuable consumer insights.

For a while now, brands have looked to the likes of chatbots, heatmaps, deep data analytics and all sorts of other elaborate tools to boost their eCommerce conversions. But they often overlook the potential of the simple ‘Buy Now’ button. 

With a Where to Buy solution powering these buttons, brands can transform their online strategies. This deceptively simple tool can boost customer satisfaction, drive up conversions and collect enlightening consumer insights. 

Many of the top eCommerce brands around the world are already leveraging Where to Buy solutions. And if you haven’t yet implemented one into your eCommerce strategy, now is the time to start. ChannelSight’s internal client data provides definitive statistics that highlight exactly what the Where to Buy solution can do for your brand. It can: 

  1. Increase Repeat Sales 20 Times Over 
  2. Raise Average Basket Sizes By 30% 
  3. Increase Average Conversion Rates By Up To 20%. 

Simply Put, It’s All About Growth. 

By providing a streamlined path to purchase and simplifying the customer journey, brands using the Where to Buy solution can minimise bounce rates and maximise conversions. Whether these buttons are added to your website, ads or other digital content, your bottom line is sure to benefit from this low-cost investment. 

The ability to track customer behaviour, even after visitors have left your website, is a big draw for many brands too.

Everything starts with a seemingly simple ‘Buy Now’ button, however there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. That’s why big name brands like P&G, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Lenovo, Philips and Hill’s all use ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution to stay ahead of the competition and future-proof their marketing strategies. 

In a world where omnichannel selling, cookieless tracking and customer-centric experiences are on the rise, this technology has become more important than ever. Want to know why? 

In our report, you can discover the five key features of ChannelSights Where to Buy solution and the benefits that come with each one.