Optimise the buying journey with actionable insights

Retailer conversion data shows you exactly what works. And your customers get the smoothest, fastest possible buying experience.

Sell more by smoothing the buying journey
  • Boost conversions by creating the shortest, most direct buying journey
  • Prevent abandoned carts and competitive distraction
  • Give a simple way to buy from off-domain channels like social media
  • Empower customers with the multi-retailer experience they demand
  • Consider adding localised price information and offline, in-store physical stock availability
At last, optimise the entire journey
  • See the whole buying journey from first engagement to retailer checkout
  • Gain uniquely rich conversion data from a broad network of retailers
  • Benchmark performance at the retailer, product, market and category level
  • Spot opportunities easily, with built-in dashboard and visualisations
  • Improve ROI by focusing on the channels that drive real sales
Understand your customers’ behaviour
  • Transform sales performance – identify the right buyer profile, right message, and right time
  • Find target customer most likely to convert by analysing anonymous telemetry on location, time and device
  • Understand buying patterns by analysing customers’ shopping cart analysis
  • Increase order value with insights into complementary purchases
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