Where To Buy

Drive Website Conversions and Track Outcomes

Convert motivated customers directly from your website and measure the success of traffic sent to retailers in actual revenue.

Drive Website Conversions and Track Outcomes
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The Benefits
Where To Buy connects Brands, Consumers and Retailers in the moments that matter so that Brands can understand purchase outcomes and create ideal shopper experiences.

Detailed Consumer Journey Data

Measure the success of traffic sent to Retailers in actual revenue and see exactly what consumers bought, including competitor or complementary products.

Drive sales and grow revenue

Monetise motivated consumers directly from your website by connecting customers with Retailers they trust.

Never Miss A sale

Remove competitor distractions by eliminating the need to search marketplaces for your products and ensure no broken journeys by sending consumers to Retailers that have products in stock.
Where To Buy Benefits

Optimise marketing ROI

Benchmark performance at the Retailer, product, market, and category level and implement customised purchase journeys to improve shopper experience.

Expansive Retailer Network

Maximise product coverage through an expansive global network of 1550+ active Retailers with sales data integrations.
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"ChannelSight is one of the best tools to take advantage of your website traffic to drive revenue and measure important details from your consumer journey. "

Ana Ribeiro
Sr. Digital Manager, Colgate-Palmolive

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