PIM PlatformS

The benefits of a PIM Platform

Tons of benefits come from using centralized PIM platforms. Not only can it reduce costs and increase profits for your business, but it can also reduce your team’s workload, improve the customer experience and boost retailer relationships.

It saves time and increases productivity

By eliminating the need to manually add and update data across your retailer network, PIM tools save your team a ton of time. In fact, one study suggests it is 6 times faster to manage data with PIM software than traditional spreadsheets. Other research found that a PIM Platform helps brands get their products to market twice as fast.

It reduces errors and increases consistency

By cutting the time it takes to upload product information to your retailer network, PIM tools give brands back the time they need to create high quality, on-brand content. This will reduce errors, drive consistency and improve conversions. However, if an inaccuracy does crop up, PIM software will allow you to correct it quickly. One statistic suggests that PIM tool users can address incorrect information 18 times faster than non-users.

It facilitates growth

By syncing product data across all platforms, PIM software helps you stay organised. As your sales channels increase and your product catalogue grows, this also makes it easier for your business to scale sustainably.