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Retail Media

Retail media is now the third largest digital channel and has been steadily gaining share of the media budget over the past few years. In the US, retail media spend is expected to grow nearly four times faster than the rest of search advertising until 2027.

Retail media’s growth is unsurprising given that brands are able to drive significant revenue with relatively few people and the fact that it offers precise targeting to influence at the point of sale and comes with extensive reporting and analytics on ad performance and customer behavior.

In a densely packed eCommerce landscape, new product launches can use retail media to drive organic search performance and sales. Retail media doesn’t sit in one neat place like most promotional spending. It’s doing multiple things at once; influencing shoppers and brand building. Shopper marketing teams might start finding they need added eCommerce analytics and expert media support as retail media presence matures. 

Retail media has matured to become a critical aspect of Digital Shelf's Share of Voice. Brands need a proactive strategy to ensure they’re acting on the right opportunities.

  • Focus on expanding your share of voice across retailers and marketplace product pages and category pages 
  • Keep pace with emerging opportunities to spread your retail media up the funnel, covering and measuring more touchpoints 
  • New retail media networks are popping up fast; stay focused on proven, measurable partnerships as the space becomes busier and more fragmented .

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