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ChannelSight helps Brands use data to strengthen their products' online performance and maximise conversions at every stage of the consumer journey.
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Why ChannelSight

Better Product Intelligence

Gain visibility into the performance of your product catalogue and customer journeys across your retailer network.

Use actual sales data to optimise marketing performance across your product catalogue.

Understand which cohort of SKUs are losing revenue to competitors across which retailers.

Better Product Intelligence

Maximise Consumer Conversions

Drive increased revenue by ensuring your products are shoppable at every stage of the consumer journey.

Implement customised purchase journeys to maximise conversions and improve the shopper experience.

Increase Brand engagement with pre-built and customisable landing pages - no design work needed.

Maximise Customer Conversions

Flexible Industry Leading Analytics

Optimise your products online presence with powerful insights on product listings across your retailer network.

Use the ChannelSight Portal as your one-stop-shop for self serve analytics or export data directly to your own API and other go-to-market tools.

Customise your analytics plans to meet your needs. Choose the full suite or select only the features needed to start seeing results quickly.

Flexible Industry Leading Analytics
Where To Buy Drive Website conversions
Where To Buy

Drive Website conversions

Convert motivated consumers directly from your website and measure the success of traffic sent to Retailers in actual revenue.
over 1,550+ active retailers with sales data integrations.
Shoppable Media

Make your media shoppable

Inspire purchases by providing consumers and Brand fans a direct path to purchase from any paid, owned or earned media.

Increase Marketing

Optimise campaigns and increase Digital Marketing ROI with actual sales data.

Increase Brand Engagement

Develop and deploy branded landing pages from ChannelSight - no agency or design work needed.
Shoppable Media Make your media shoppable
Digital Shelf optimise your products online presence
Digital Shelf

optimise your products online presence

Customise your digital shelf solution to meet your specific needs. Choose the full suite or select only the features you need.

Price & Inventory

Improve e-Retailer relationships by better predicting inventory and stock trends.

Content Compliance

Attract more consumers by
optimising your product listings.

Rating & Reviews

Maximise conversions by quantifying product perceptions and addressing recurring issues early.

Search Placement

Secure top search placements and gain a competitive advantage across your Retailer network.

What Our Clients Say

“ChannelSight has helped us become one of the most advanced companies in our area when it comes to online sales. There are not many smart home manufacturers that provide such a state-of-the-art retail solution.”

Jesco Reb
Head of Online Marketing, tado°
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"Since implementing ChannelSights solutions we have sent over 35,000 leads with a value of £400,000 to partner retailer websites, which are directly attributable to our Buy Now call-to-action."

Joanna Weston
Digital Marketing Manager, The Scotts Company
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“When we approached different BIN vendors, ChannelSight clearly stood out with regard to overall digital expertise, conversion tracking capability and professionalism.”

Jon Ones
Head of Digital, Duracell International
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“With ChannelSight’s reporting we have access to advanced performance insights at the click of a button. From this we can see the overall revenue potential of our marketing effort, both organic and paid media.”

Michael Knott
Director of Digital Media, Programs and Analytics, Logitech
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