Know more. Sell more.

We make the world instantly shoppable. We enable brands to grow online and offline sales with our Buy Now platform. Our technology integrates with brand content to help customers jump straight to an approved partner retailer to complete their purchase instantly. We provide access to insightful data to show you what’s driving sales across all digital channels. ChannelSight engineers a fast, frictionless buying journey for customers while giving you actionable marketing intelligence.

Increased Sales
Increased Sales

Measurable, validated increase in online and offline sales.

Actionable Reporting
Actionable Reporting

One-click access to marketing performance insights you can use now.

Fast ROI
Fast ROI

Visible results across all owned, earned and paid media globally.

How it works

  • Add our Buy Now buttons to your brand website, ads and other digital content.

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  • This clear, convenient call-to-action drives customers through the purchasing funnel.

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  • Relevant stock and availability information helps customers select their favourite retailer instantly.

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  • No delay or competitive distraction means the purchase is completed quickly and smoothly.

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  • ChannelSight is cross-device and omni-channel compatible with global localisation.

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  • See exactly which content is driving sales: our reporting platform provides detailed, actionable insights.

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Our clients
Key benefits
Fast and effective

Proven to deliver a fast, effective, global increase in sales.

Simple setup

We’ll walk you through it step by step.

Easy API integration

Gives you total design control.

Use it everywhere

Deploy on all channels – web, ads, social media, video and beyond.

How we roll

01. Capture

ChannelSight’s ‘Buy Now’ Service makes all of your content and ads instantly shoppable. We capture engaged users and drive them down the purchasing funnel.

02. Connect

We connect users with a high buying intent directly to their preferred retailer. They complete their purchase without competitive distraction or delay.

03. Measure

ChannelSight measures sales activity. We show you the user journey from source to brand interaction and then through to retailer for the purchase event.

04. Optimise

We help you understand which content has the highest sales impact so you can focus your marketing budget. You create positive feedback loops and your sales numbers soar.

The results

Average basket size increases of


Average conversion rates of


Increase repeat sales by up to


Year 1 direct average ROI of at least

Instant cross-channel performance comparisons
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