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Maximize your brand’s sales by streamlining the customer journey and ensuring your products win the digital shelf.

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Where to Buy

Make your website and online content instantly shoppable, while gathering detailed consumer journey insights and performance data.

Digital Shelf

Monitor your products’ content, ratings, reviews, prices, and inventory levels on every retailer site or marketplace you sell on.

Maximize conversion

Our Where to Buy solution enables consumers to purchase your products from any marketplace or retailer at the click of a button.

Make all your digital content instantly shoppable, from your website and social media posts, to banner ads and landing pages.

Perfect your digital shelf

These days, the presentation of your products online is possibly even more important than how they appear in store.

From visibility in search results and product detail page content, to the listed prices, stock levels,and reviews, you need to keep on top of your products’ presence on the digital shelf. With ChannelSight’s digital shelf solution, this is easy to manage.

Uncover consumer journey insights

With our Where to Buy solution, you’re able to discover highly detailed product, retailer, campaign and basket level data from every marketplace and retailer site you sell on.

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