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Essential Tips For Shoppable Media Success

In this webinar, shoppable media experts from ChannelSight, Tinuiti and Confect share essential tips for shoppable media success.

The Shoppable Media landscape is constantly evolving - from shoppable Instagram posts, to OTT ads on TV, to QR codes on physical objects. It's vital that brands keep up with the changing dynamics to enable them to succeed in a very competitive landscape. But when it comes to shoppable media, what are the essential ingredients required for successful campaigns?


In this webinar, shoppable media experts from Tinuiti, Confect and ChannelSight will be discussing the keys to successful Shoppable Media campaigns.



  • Andy Foot, Head of Marketing, ChannelSight
  • Melissa Chesnick, Senior Specialist, Shoppable Media, Tinuiti
  • Gints Gailis, Lead Growth Hacker, Confect


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