What is an eCommerce Strategy?

An eCommerce strategy is a plan of action for businesses that outlines how they will achieve their long term goals along with setting the right goals and objectives when selling their product or services online. An efficient eCommerce strategy can enable businesses to successfully reach potential customers, drive online sales and increase brand awareness.

The Digital Impact On Consumer Experience: How To Get It Right

What is an eCommerce Omnichannel strategy?

Omnichannel refers to a cross-channel strategy that gives customers integrated shopping experience across all channels. This includes brick-mortar stores, and all channels online whether it be mobile, desktop or social channels. 

Mastering Omnichannel Alignment

What is the Digital Shelf?

The eCommerce digital shelf refers to the third-party websites such as marketplaces or applications where your products are displayed. You can learn more on our digital shelf faq. 

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How has COVID-19 impacted eCommerce?

As physical retail stores and other amenities saw temporary closures due to COVID19, there was a shift in consumer habits and increased dependency on eCommerce.


What is an eCommerce consumer journey?

An eCommerce consumer journey refers to the various stages of a consumer’s experience when shopping online. It includes all interactions that the customer has with the business online, such as browsing the website, reading the product description, to completing a purchase.

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What are the latest eCommerce trends?

So far this year has brought about numerous changes with millions adjusting to the “new normal”. Amidst this, the retail landscape has quickly changed.

What is an eCommerce Where to Buy solution?

A Where to Buy solution helps brands drive more online sales by connecting your online consumers, through a tracked ‘Buy Now’ button that is placed on the brand’s website, or digital asset, directly to online retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, or Target, to complete their purchase.  

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What is 'BOPIS'?

In the world of eCommerce, BOPIS stands for ‘Buy Online, Pickup In Store’, an amalgamation of the online shopping experience meeting the physical one. Consumer browse the online store, choose the products that they want to purchase and upon checkout are given the option to “Pick Up” from their preferred store location. Customers usually receive a notification or have an allocated slot for them to pick up their orders,

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