You can buy a large number of Diageo products directly via the corresponding hyperlinks (eg a “Buy online” button) to the online stores of partner merchant sites (eg the “Buy Now” function). If you follow the hyperlink corresponding to the page of the chosen product in the online store of the merchant site, we use a JavaScript code to present the retailer availability and track any subsequent clicks to the retailers. The usage data thus collected is used to measure the attractiveness of the “Buy Now” function and, where applicable, for commission payment purposes from the reseller’s online store (affiliate marketing). Sometimes the online stores of the merchant sites pay us a commission when we are successful in redirecting buyers and potential customers to them.

Please note that the aforementioned tracking is directly related to the “Buy Now” function, for which we will notify you directly of the intended use of the data. By using the “Buy Now” button, you consent to cross-site recording of your use of the website and analysis for the purposes indicated, and in particular for data collection. associated by ChannelSight and the reseller, as well as the transfer of data from ChannelSight and the reseller to ourselves. Usage data is deleted as soon as it is no longer needed for commission settlement and analysis.

Opt-out : To prevent the collection of usage data through ChannelSight, please use the ChannelSight opt-out website at the following link:

To find out more about how Diageo uses your data, please see their privacy policy.


In the context of its Buy Now service, and solely within this service context, and only for the purposes of the BuyNow service, ChannelSight collects data during End-User Buy Now clicks. ChannelSight collects Data only for security reasons or for anonymous analytics purposes in order to measure the Buy Now efficiency with no cross-domain processing.

ChannelSight does not collect any personal data that could directly identify an individual person. ChannelSight has no intention and is not running any process to combine the collected Data with any other first or third-party data sources in order to identify an individual person.

ChannelSight does not share, rent or sell the collected data with third parties.

Only anonymous and /or aggregated statistics are communicated with ChannelSight’s customers.


Within Buy Now on site service context only, ChannelSight only tracks clicks from a page to the retailer site.

This analytical tracking helps ChannelSight to measure and optimize the Buy Now experience of the End-User during the session.

Legal basis for consent exemption
The brand, publisher, or advertiser for whom the Buy Now service is released, acts as Controller and ChannelSight acts as Processor (having the meaning set forth under article 4 of GDPR).


ChannelSight’s tracking has a purpose strictly limited to measuring the Buy Now session (measuring performance, detecting browsing problems, optimizing technical performance or its ergonomics, estimating the power of the servers needed, analyzing the content consulted), for the exclusive account of ChannelSight’s customers and is used to produce anonymous statistical data only.

This tacking does not:
– lead to the cross-referencing of data with other processing or to the transmission of data to third-parties.
– the global tracking of the navigation of the person using different applications or navigating on different websites or other Buy Nows.
– use a single identifier across multiple sites (e.g. via cookies deposited on a third-party domain loaded by multiple sites) to cross-reference, duplicate or measure a coverage rate

Opt-out: To prevent the collection of usage data through ChannelSight, please use the ChannelSight opt-out website at the following link: