Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce in 2024

Direct-to-Consumer presents eCommerce teams with unique opportunities to stay agile and adaptable but it faces challenges like rising costs, competition, and limited reach. To thrive, integrating a 'Where to Buy Solution' enhances sales, data collection, and fosters trust through transparent measurement in a competitive landscape.

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Direct-to-consumer marketing, brand, and eCommerce teams are looking at a changed landscape in 2024. Post-pandemic growth has slowed, financial pressures have customers feeling the pinch all over the world. But growth is still happening.

The US DTC market has gone from being worth $128 billion in 2021, to a projection of $213 billion for the end of 2024. In the UK, 2020 saw around $116.8 billion of Direct-to-consumer sales. 2023 closed on nearly $146 billion, 25% growth. Similar story in Asia. Hong Kong’s 2021 annual DTC sales figure, almost $2 billion, could double by 2026. Worth noting that a 2021study suggested shoppers in APAC actually trust DTC websites more than eCommerce platforms.

This report examines the pressures facing DTC in this new landscape, and how brands are adapting. In particular, we’ll look at how Where to Buy solutions are helping Direct-to-consumer control the path to purchase. See how real brands are leveraging a Direct-to-consumer/ Where to Buy hybrid model to sell more and establish trust-based partnerships.