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12 Vital KPIs For eCommerce Success

eBook: 12 Vital KPIs For eCommerce Success

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are key metrics that help your business understand where your successes are coming from.

They also help you determine what changes you need to make to build your customer base and generate more revenue. Sounds simple, right?

That is until you realize there are literally hundreds of metrics you could analyze and hundreds of tools you can use to measure them.

Which of these metrics are most relevant for eCommerce brands?

With the huge amounts of readily available data to modern businesses, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and miss what is important. You can’t track everything, so it’s crucial to sift through and select the information that is relevant and will be the most beneficial to report on regularly.

In this eBook, we dig deep into the 12 KPIs that you should be measuring for your eCommerce strategy.

From Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate (SCAR) and everything in between.