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We proudly collaborate with the best global retailers, agencies and technology partners out there. These close relationships mean we can integrate our specialist capabilities and bring incredible insight, value and reach to our wide array of mutual customers. Talk to us and let’s see how we can work together.

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ChannelSight’s Story

ChannelSight was founded in 2013 with a mission to make the world instantly shoppable. We make it simpler and faster for people to buy the products they’re interested in, and we show brands and publishers what content and ads are working most effectively to drive sales across all digital channels.

Brands that are investing in generating traffic and engagement are not capitalising on the opportunity to drive the users who wish to make a purchase to a retailer while the buying intent is highest. Those users therefore leave the brand site in search of the product, often being presented with competitor product offers or becoming distracted before completing the purchase

ChannelSight has fixed the process by developing simple but very powerful ‘Buy Now’ technology that can be easily added to any digital content (website, video, ads, social media, etc.).

Our platform delivers a directly measurable increase in online sales and market share for brands, with very high average conversion rates and a year one ROI of around 10:1. The technology also captures very valuable data on the performance of content/advertising by leveraging the thousands of retailer relationships we have globally, ultimately enabling brands to optimise budgets and focus on what’s actually working to drive revenue.

Our technology is currently used by brands in over 50 countries to make it simpler, faster and easier for people to buy their products at partner retailers. In 2015 ChannelSight partnered with Nauta Capital and ACT Venture Capital to complete a €3.3m Series A investment round, which provided the funding we needed to significantly expand our product research and development. We now have a number of patents pending and we were named as a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner in May 2016. We’re now focused on expanding our global reach with new offices in New York and London, further investing in our technology R&D, and developing new brand and publisher partnerships.

Our Founders

John Beckett


Chief Executive Officer


The thrill of combining new technology with new ways of doing business has been a driving force for John for a very long time. He made serious waves back in 2000 as a teenager, when he won the contract for Ryanair’s first e-commerce website, jumping ahead of several venerable international agencies to land the job. That confidence, daring, and technical excellence has seen him through the development and creation of several visionary companies over the years, including BuyIreland.com, property ventures in Ireland and Europe, a software company in Malaysia, a skin cancer screening clinic, a US-based gifts company, a public transport business in Ireland, and a dental manufacturing lab.

John was named All-Ireland-Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006, was featured on the Discovery Channel for the development of groundbreaking biometrics technology, and in 2008 co-founded Eirtight with Kieran Dundon. Eirtight provides software engineering to blue chip companies, and now has offices in Dublin, London, Greece and Romania. In 2013, the founding of ChannelSight marked a new era of achievement for John. As CEO of ChannelSight, John has recently raised €3.3m of Series A VC funding.

In the brief interludes where he’s not changing the world of technology directly, John educates, inspires, and encourages others through his writing for on-and-offline publications including his blog johnbeckett.com, and regular appearances on radio and television. He serves on boards and advisory committees, provides technology consultancy to governmental agencies, and mentors young startups. John’s entrepreneurial spirit remains as audacious as ever: it’s the heart of his personality, and now it’s the essence of ChannelSight.

Niall O’Gorman


Chief Strategy Officer


Niall’s uncanny talent for connecting big ideas with brilliant people has made him a strategic powerhouse in e-commerce for 20 years. Before co-founding ChannelSight he delivered and executed global e-commerce, e-support, channel leads, rich content syndication and digital marketing strategies for brands like Gateway, Iomega, CNET and most recently Mondelez. As CSO (Chief Strategic Officer) for ChannelSight, Niall is a fearless navigator, calling on skills he has honed over the course of two decades.

Niall has been a thought leader in the world of e-commerce from the very beginning. He has ushered companies through international expansion into new markets, helped them drive explosive growth, and led the way through a new landscape of online business. He is a trusted mentor and informal adviser to multiple tech startups in Ireland and Switzerland, sharing his vast knowledge on the subjects of business model, strategy and gaining traction, and is also a regular contributor to Irish Tech News. His strategic vision for ChannelSight opens up exciting new horizons for the company and its customers.

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