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Evergreen Reach New Heights With A Where to Buy Solution


Evergreen Garden Care is the leading garden care company in Europe and Australasia, producing high quality garden care products designed to help people create their own green oasis amid the rush of modern life. We believe in the beauty of a green space - or oasis - whether it's a garden, a balcony or potted plants indoors, and we want to inspire anyone, anywhere to be able easily to create and maintain their own.

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As a leader in the UK gardening industry, offering a wide range of products from lawn care, weed controls to growing media and plant food, the mission behind Evergreen Garden Care is to deliver easy to use, effective garden care products which help people grow beautiful and healthy lawns and gardens.

A key challenge for Evergreen, and across the gardening industry, is the changing consumer landscape.

Due to the type and size of products sold, the market has been slow to adapt to eCommerce, however, this is now changing, spurred on by the next generation of consumers coming through for whom online shopping is the norm.

Evergreen knew that integrating a Where to Buy solution was the key to tap into this online market and grow sales whilst also supporting their retailer partners.

“Historically the focus of our ‘lovethegarden’ website was just providing gardening inspiration and advice. We were generating great website traffic, however the part missing was linking all this traffic to opportunities for consumers to purchase our products online.” Joanna Weston, Digital Marketing Manager, Evergreen Garden Care (UK)

“We knew tying our product offering back into our information hub, offering solutions to the challenges consumers were facing in the garden, could drive sales” stated Joanna.

After a detailed RFP process, Evergreen whittled it down to three potential vendors, ChannelSight being the frontrunner from the start.

“We chose ChannelSight as we knew they could offer a more robust Where to Buy solution across all digital media, banner advertising and social adverts. This was important to ensure we captured sales opportunities across all our marketing content.”

35,000 leads attributable to Where to Buy buttons

The commercial impact that a Where to Buy solution has brought to the Evergreen’s ‘lovethegarden’ website has been invaluable. Before ChannelSight, this website was merely an information hub providing garden tips and advice to garden lovers, now it’s a key contributor to revenue growth.

“Since implementing ChannelSight solutions we have sent over 35,000 leads with a value of £400,000, to partner retailer websites, which are directly attributable to our new Where to Buy call-to-actions.”

With digital marketing activities having such a commercial impact, Evergreen’s Where to Buy solution has proved to be a key tool in helping them conquer the online market to ensure they keep driving digital transformation in line with their business strategy.

Performance visibility driving smarter marketing investment

The reporting insights ChannelSight provides has empowered the management team with knowledge they never had before. Evergreen now know what consumers are buying, when are they buying and other products they are adding to their baskets.

They can visualize the consumer journey from source and first brand interaction, all the way through to the completed basket.

“Prior to ChannelSight we received sales data from our retailers. The data provided did not differentiate between online and offline, so it was hard for us to know what marketing was having the most influence on sales”

With easy access and visibility of performance across brands, products and retailers, the team now can allocate advertising resources more efficiently.

“Based on the data available, we can get to the heart of it all and see which online channels and call to actions are delivering. We can see top performing brands, products, retailers, number of leads we are sending to each retailer, compare conversion rates across retailers and ultimately see the impact all digital marketing activity is having”.

Retailers eager to optimize conversions

In strengthening their retailer partnerships, Evergreen want to support retailers wherever they can to help drives sales.

Having the ability to direct and drive more targeted visitors to retailer websites has been a huge benefit in building on their retailer offering.

“Having Where to Buy technology in place has provided a great talking point to show our online retailers how we are supporting them. This has been key to help us strengthen these relationships,” stated Joanna.

Such insight has created an air of excitement and competition amongst retailers. Having visibility of how they compare against others, retailers are now looking for new ways to improve their conversion rates to get that top spot on the retailer listing options.

“We now have retailers asking us ‘How do I ensure we are top of the retailer listing when a consumer clicks the Where to Buy button?’. This is exciting, not only for them but for us also, as it’s improving the consumer experience and helping drive sales. “

Superior support every step of the way

Driving digital transformation in a market that’s slow to adopt eCommerce, having the support, guidance and expertise of the ChannelSight team is of huge importance to ensure Evergreen get the most from their Where to Buy technology investment.

“The support from ChannelSight has been second to none and I don’t believe I would have got that with any other providers. The level of attention, service and support is of huge benefit to me and a great part of the service overall. I know I can pick up the phone to our Account Manager at any time to get advice and they’re always really supportive and quick to respond.”

“Would I recommend ChannelSight? Yes most definitely! Aside from the amazing customer service, the level of reporting you can drill down to provides so much value to ensure we maximize the value of our marketing activity” stated Joanna.

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