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Higher Conversion Rate Compared to Industry Standard

World Leading Food & Beverage Company

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A leading global food & beverage company faced a significant challenge when they needed to find a new Where to Buy and Digital Shelf Analytics supplier for their US market. Dissatisfied with their existing supplier relationship, they sought alternative solutions to meet their evolving needs.

Understanding the impact of Marketing on new business growth

ChannelSight stepped in to provide our Where to Buy Online & Offline solutions, as well as Ratings & Reviews Digital Shelf Analytics. This partnership made it possible to gain insights into the impact of marketing efforts across both their B2B and newly established B2C business for several key brands.

Accessing niche retailer sales data and end user ratings & reviews

The specific data requirements for the technology stack made ChannelSight's modular approach highly compatible in meeting their goals. We collaborated closely with the company to ensure successful Where to Buy implementation across multiple brand sites. Additionally, we proactively onboarded several niche retailers and acquired product-level sales data, which was deemed critical for success.

Leveraging ChannelSight's Where to Buy Solutions, there was visibility into 500 SKUs across 5 brands in the US market through 13 retail partners. Recognizing their transition towards more B2C offerings, ChannelSight also facilitated access to valuable end-user ratings & reviews data across 10 retail partners. This enabled the company to access detailed consumer insights into how their products are performing both on and offline.

Driving a 48.5% higher average basket value.

With ChannelSight's solutions in place, there were significant improvements in key metrics, achieving an impressive +39.6% higher conversion rate compared to industry standards in the Food & Beverage sector, along with a 48.5% higher average basket value.

ChannelSight provided tailored solutions that evolved alongside changing needs. By working in close collaboration, ChannelSight provided:

  • Optimisation of their path to purchase
  • Onboarding of niche retailers
  • Bespoke implementation to suit their unique requirements

The collaboration yielded tangible benefits, demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative solutions tailored to meet their specific needs in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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