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Kids2 is a leading infant, baby and toddler company which designs and manufactures products under the mega-brands Ingenuity, Bright Starts, Baby Einstein and SwaddleMe by Ingenuity.

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Kids2, a global company that designs holistic solutions to help early-stage parents and families, sought a comprehensive digital commerce and marketing solution to drive conversions and raise awareness of the products they offer globally.

The need for comprehensive solutions at Kids2

Kids2 lacked a direct-to-consumer presence, yet required an online solution that would facilitate consumer engagement while measuring product-level sales data across key retail partner websites.

The main goal for Kids2 was to streamline the path to purchase for consumers when coming to their corporate website.

Kids2 sought solutions to enhance consumer accessibility to their products online, coupled with insights into the performance of retail website traffic originating from social media campaigns. The Where to Buy solution provided by ChannelSight has equipped Kids2 with the understanding that their corporate site receives significant consumer traffic, which has great conversion potential.

Gaining insights into website traffic and consumer behaviour

Leveraging ChannelSight's Where to Buy solution, Kids2 gained visibility into over 800 SKUs across 4 critical retail partners in the US. Through their ChannelSight partnership, they were able to gain valuable insights into website traffic and understand consumer behaviour and preferences, such as which retail partners consumers tend to purchase from online.

Through ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solutions, Kids2 achieved a conversion rate of 9.69% overall with an Amazon conversion rate of over 13%. They gained visibility into the performance of their brands and products across key retailers, identifying the effectiveness of specific social media campaigns on retail sales.

Kids2 noted ease of implementation, cost, flexibility and reach as to why they ultimately chose to work with ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution. Equally important was the ability to customise it to match the look and feel of their brand.

Launching customisable shoppable media landing pages

In addition, Kids2 implemented a second solution with ChannelSight, our Shoppable Media landing page builder. Shoppable Media has given Kids2 the ability to be self-sufficient in the execution of their campaigns, especially the landing page builder, which reduces the time to launch new landing pages by half.

ChannelSight's Where-to-Buy solutions enabled Kids2 to establish baseline performance metrics through organic efforts, setting the stage for future exploration of paid media strategies. Key outcomes include:

  • Enhanced understanding of consumer activity and conversion behaviour
  • Insights into product-level sales data from retailers
  • An optimised path to purchase for consumers seeking Kids2 products online
  • Easy, customisable shoppable media that tracks measurement in sales versus previously relying on traffic metrics

With plans to expand and diversify their reach, ChannelSight delivers solutions that will grow with Kids2 and their new goals.

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