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Pharmaceutical company builds a data-driven eCommerce strategy with ‘Where to Buy’ technology




Perrigo Company plc, is a global consumer self-care company. Our vision is: To make lives better by bringing "Quality, Affordable Self-Care Products"​ that consumers trust everywhere they are sold. Founded in 1887 as a packager of home remedies, Perrigo has transformed to a self-company which enables the empowered consumer to treat conditions that can be self-managed. Perrigo is the world's largest manufacturer of over-the-counter ("OTC"​) self-care products and supplier of infant formulas for the store brand market. The Company also is a leading provider of branded OTC products throughout Europe. Perrigo, headquartered in Ireland, sells its products primarily in North America and Europe, as well as in other markets.

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Perrigo, a Global Healthcare Supplier, develops, manufactures and distributes quality self-care products. The established 130-year-old company has been widely known for their over the counter products including cold and cough remedies, feminine hygiene and analgesics to name a few.

In 2019, the company made a decision to develop an eCommerce strategy to widen its brand awareness from brand search results to a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Simon Swan joined the business as the Head of Digital and eCommerce to build and lead the digital teams, as well as to drive conversions across their extensive brand portfolio.

Through a marketing audit, they saw an opportunity to implement a digital brand building strategy through specific channels such as SEO and content, with a particular focus on non-branded search that would in turn appeal to the online audience category and drive higher eCommerce conversions.

The company began to embed a strong digital eCommerce strategy in the already established business. Simultaneously, they brought digital skills in house and put the right tools in place to successfully position themselves as an industry leader in the eCommerce landscape.

The business invested heavily in online media channels and paid campaigns in an effort to widen their reach and drive conversions. In particular, for their brand NiQuitin.

“We have used ChannelSight’s solution on the conversion element of our digital strategy” says Simon.

“Most of our traffic was driven through branded search. We had to take a step back to reconsider the wider content marketing opportunity available through high search volume.”
Simon Swan, Head of Digital and eCommerce, Perrigo

Perrigo PLC rolled out ChannelSight’s Where To Buy solution with NiQuitin, a brand that caters its products to those looking to quit smoking.


The key hurdle for Perrigo PLC was the lack of visibility of the sales data. Without it, they lacked visibility into the effectiveness of their digital strategy.

 Initially, ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution was onboarded to understand how the solution would resolve the various strategic challenges. At the end of the initial commitment, Perrigo quickly realised that ChannelSight’s solution was a much-needed piece of the puzzle to help drive their strategy and one that also delivered in-depth data at scale. 

Perrigo now has developed a long term relationship with ChannelSight as it is imperative for the business to measure the effectiveness of their digital investments, and channels, continuously. 

“The opportunity that ChannelSight gives us is the all-rounded visibility into brand awareness, consideration, insights into various digital channels and conversions.” 
Simon Swan, Head of Digital and eCommerce, Perrigo 

Along with providing Perrigo with measurable insights that would assist their digital strategy, ChannelSight’s solutions tracked and measured every consumer journey that lands on their website. Ultimately, this data is a real driver in understanding Perrigo’s target market, consumer journey and consumer needs. 


ChannelSight’s solution optimized and enhanced the consumer journey by eliminating unnecessary clicks in the Perrigo path to purchase. Leveraging ChannelSight’s insights as a key part of their digital strategy not only provided Perrigo with valuable consumer insights but also provided validation of their overarching digital strategy.

“We were able to build an ‘always on’ brand building strategy through SEO and content, using the website by appealing to specific audiences and in turn build the visibility of the brand through search engines, a key entry point for users researching and gathering insights and trusted information”

ChannelSight’s solution has enabled Perrigo with the much-needed visibility of their eCommerce strategy.

With a data-driven approach and valuable insights through ChannelSight’s market intelligence platform, Perrigo has formed a strong eCommerce strategy and identified proven tactics.

“ChannelSight gives us in-depth insights on whether the consumers that we are reaching through our marketing efforts are converting. The solution also helped us identify the tools that were most effective when redirecting our users to retailers.”

The NiQuitin website saw an increase of 133% in organic traffic YoY (2019 vs 2020). Along with valuable insights, growth in organic traffic and growth in click-through rate, Perrigo now has a data-driven eCommerce strategy that they can implement for more brands in their organisation.

“ChannelSight has helped us create a blueprint for how we will roll out our digital strategy with other brands.”

Simon adds that, “Channelsight has also helped us understand and analyze the full marketing funnel, from picking up the customer journey when the user leaves the brand website. In particular, assessing the conversion to sale across the different retailers we work with, as well as the user experience, e.g. split on mobile vs desktop usage as well as product level insights as to what customers choose to purchase alongside the NiQuitin product”

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