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RKW, the trading division of Sutton Venture Group, was founded in 1989 and is now Europe's number one SDA electricals and housewares distribution company. RKW distributes over 3000 product lines. Major brands owned by RKW include Tower, Akai, Carmen, Pifco, Warmlite, Elgento and Natural Life and also licenses the Morphy Richards brand for cookware and housewares.

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RKW Limited, Europe's leading distributor and manufacturer of small domestic appliances and houseware products, discovered 'an indispensable solution in ChannelSight's Content Compliance and Ratings & Reviews tools'. In this case study, we delve into their experience and how ChannelSight became a vital partner in achieving their objectives.

The Need for Comprehensive Solutions at RKW Limited

RKW Limited, with offices in Europe and APAC, specializes in designing, developing, and distributing top-brand products globally, including Tower, Swan, Smeg, and Breville, among others. Given the scale of their over 4500 SKU offerings and their extensive retailer network, manual audits of their products' online presence were simply unfeasible.  

'Without ChannelSight, we'd have to hire a large team of people dedicated to pulling data from retailer websites, manually scraping marketplaces etc. which would not be feasible from a business standpoint.'

For over 12 months, they have been working with the ChannelSight team, leveraging our Digital Shelf Analytics solutions to streamline their operations - specifically Content Compliance and Ratings & Reviews features.

Positive Impact on Business

Since implementing ChannelSight, RKW Limited has seen a significant impact on their business. As the team explains 'The insights and data quality provided by ChannelSight are invaluable for making informed decisions. Accessible and manageable data is crucial, and ChannelSight excels in translating data into actionable information.'

Through the ChannelSight platform they have been able to uncover insights into content compliance and customer feedback, ensuring accurate and optimized content across their extensive retail partner network. 'The Content Compliance and the Ratings & Reviews features fits really well with our current objectives and since implementing ChannelSight, we have seen a significant impact on our business.'

Leveraging Content Compliance Insights

One of the primary goals for the RKW team is to ensure the accuracy and optimization of their content across as many key retail partners as possible. Additionally, given their extensive and ever-evolving product range, the team must also ensure that this content effectively reaches retailers and is reflected on their websites. As one team member aptly puts it, 'At the end of the day, if our content is the best it can be, we're going to have a leg up on our competitors.'

Each retailer has a maximum inventory allocation per product, and the RKW team strives to maximize the utilization of available inventory.

'ChannelSight gives us that insight. It allows us to create different rules for different retailers. So, for instance, if a retailer can only display four images, we can configure that setting within ChannelSight.'  

Ultimately, the goal is to boost conversions and reduce customer attrition to competitors. Through ChannelSight's Content Compliance tools, the team has automated compliance checks across their retailer network, ensuring that conversion-boosting content is visible to shoppers. As one team member notes, 'We've observed that product videos significantly increase conversions, and we've now established a compliance check to easily identify which retailers have live videos and which do not.'

Harnessing Ratings & Reviews Insights

As more retailers actively collect feedback on their websites, it has become increasingly crucial for the RKW team to gather input from a wide range of retailers for their product development process. Their objective is not to just hear from one or two retailers but from a multitude. One team member explains, 'We're constantly seeking to learn from our consumers and understand their likes, dislikes, and areas for improvement.'

Ratings and reviews hold significant sway in shaping consumer decisions, and the RKW team is committed to identifying and showcasing positive reviews as testimonials while addressing negative feedback. Leveraging Ratings & Reviews tools, the team employs keyword sentiment analysis to uncover trends and patterns in consumer feedback. This valuable information guides their product development and marketing strategies, enabling them to respond effectively to consumer preferences.

'Our customer service team can monitor changes and identify specific features or functions that consumers appreciate, which can then be introduced to other product SKUs. Regarding negative feedback, ChannelSight enables us to identify common patterns, helping us determine our next steps.'

A Community of Success

Different teams across RKW have discovered the value of insights provided by ChannelSight. From the customer service team to marketing, merchandising, and product development, each department has benefited.

One team member explains,

' The self-serve nature of ChannelSights Portal facilitates data analysis and sharing reports with different departments, enhancing their ability to understand their customers. Knowing that we're not limited in any way in terms of how many reports we can generate and the numerous ways we can analyze the data based on our specific needs has added significant value to many of our business units.'

Furthermore, ChannelSight has become essential for the Marketing team when launching new products or running marketing campaigns to ensure that all content remains up to date. 'We want to make sure that all the content on our retailer sites is up to date and looking, its best, to help with that conversion with marketing campaigns.'

For RKW Limited, ChannelSight has proven to be a strategic ally in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. With Content Compliance and Ratings & Reviews tools that provide actionable insights and data accuracy, they have not only optimized their online presence but also enhanced their product development and marketing strategies.  

For eCommerce Managers and Marketing Managers seeking comprehensive solutions, ChannelSight is a powerful asset that streamlines operations and drives success.

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