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Customer Journey

Customer journey mapping

Creating a customer journey map is pretty straightforward. But it can take a lot of time especially when gathering insights from your target audience.

1. Outline personas and goals

To begin you need to set out your brand's key buyer personas. The first map you create will trace the journey of a typical shopper. 

2. List each touchpoint

From your store and social media through to your advertising and influencer marketing campaigns list out every possible way a consumer can interact with your brand.

To get started Google Analytics highlights popular landing pages traffic sources and common customer journeys. 

If you conduct customer surveys make sure to ask how they discovered your brand. 

3. Map out the journey

The precise layout of your map will depend on your unique goals strategy and values. Most brands will base their maps around touchpoints and consumer actions. But some brands will create maps based on popular organic keywords or specific campaigns.

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