Ensure pricing compliance, and maximise digital sales

eTail Monitoring lets you analyse stock and pricing at all your retailers, improving consistency and avoiding lost sales.

Deliver consistency and compliance
  • Protect brand integrity by monitoring pricing guidelines
  • Increase conversions by ensuring product availability
  • Discover which retailers lead pricing changes, and who follows
  • Hold retailers accountable, and negotiate using real data and analysis
Maximise sales across your eTail network
  • Avoid lost sales by managing product availability and pricing
  • Analyse the impact of pricing and availability on sales and other KPIs
  • Understand pricing trends and find opportunities
  • Drive timely retailer negotiations to ensure availability
  • Drill in to spot problems and anomalies by market and retailer
Respond faster, with less effort
  • Capture pricing and stock availability across all retailers automatically
  • Define your own alerts for a rapid response to important issues
  • Automatically capture relevant competitor data for analysis
  • Focus your time where it’s most profitable
  • Collate data, analyse trends and gain insights, all on a single platform
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