ChannelSight eCommerce Insights 2024

Brand, marketing, and eCommerce teams are facing a less certain future after several years of steady business growth. Data suggests this growth will continue, but how fast? A lot of factors are combining to muddy the waters and make it tough to say what’s next for eCommerce.

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In this report, we aim to demystify the coming years. Recent data and analysis of ongoing trends paints a cautiously optimistic picture. Despite slowing global growth and shaky consumer confidence, some areas of eCommerce, particularly technology, are tipped to define the future.

Read on and discover why:

• Flexible pricing strategies are key to winning consumer confidence

• Speed and convenience are the big difference makers for 2024

• Mobile-first has never been more important for marketing and sales

• Distinctive brand store experiences are worth painstaking effort

• Authentic sustainability is vital; customers aren’t standing for false promises

• Retail media could be a battleground for visionary marketers this year

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