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Why become a retail partner?

ChannelSight’s Where to Buy technology offers retailers the opportunity to leverage brand marketing efforts at no additional costs. With ChannelSight brands funnel highly engaged consumers to retailer websites, enabling retailers to:

  • Acquire highly engaged consumers with higher purchase intent that convert quicker
  • Gain high traffic volumes from brand marketing efforts at no additional cost
  • Generate multiple cross-sell and up-sell opportunities boosting both online and offline sales
  • Reduce CPA with no cost associated to referred traffic

30 Million

Consumers Connected To Retailers


Average Conversion Rates


brand products mapped to retailers

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“ChannelSight technology allows brands to simplify the consumer journey and checkout immediately with a selected item. Since partnering with ChannelSight we have seen an impressive increase in conversion rates, matched with improvements in site traffic. The consumers ChannelSight technology directs to our Marketplace have higher purchase intent and convert a lot quicker than the majority of leads we see from other channels.”

Josh Morris, Account Manager, Amazon.

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