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“Getting the opportunity to work on the latest cloud technologies, revolutionizing the way we use software and the product offerings we are bringing to the market, makes every day interesting and exciting. It feels good knowing that you are contributing to products that are having a big influence on how people shop online”

Daniel Pirvulescu, Senior Developer, Romania

“Stimulating, challenging, rewarding. ChannelSight moves quickly, demands a high ability and level of work but also allows you to very clearly see the fruits of your labour. With a lean management structure, it’s great to be able to actively influence product developments based on client needs. And it’s enjoyable working with many of the top brands in the world”

Ross Keating, Sales Director, Ireland

“I love working in an organization that is right at the forefront of innovation. Speaking to prospective customers daily, who get excited about ChannelSight’s advanced technical capabilities and what we have to offer, makes it all worthwhile.”

David Fallon, Key Account Manager, Ireland

“Having recently joined ChannelSight, there’s no doubt this is a forward thinking company. We work hard but have a lot of fun along the way. The collaborative company culture is great and all creative ideas are welcomed”

Melanie Fitzgerald, Digital Marketing Manager, Ireland

“I am proud to be a part of company that invests so much time and focus on customer success. Our customers success is our success and this is important to me”

Paula Brescan, Implementations Specialist, Romania

“ChannelSight has a great mix of people with many differing talents. No idea is a bad idea, it’s just about prioritization. With no traditional chain of command, ideas and solutions can be suggested from anyone across the business and executed with speed if they can help push ChannelSight forward”

Ben Fairclough, Head of Performance Marketing, UK

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