Brand Integrity: Why its Important

Brand integrity has always had the power to make or break a business. But in the world of eCommerce it's become more important than ever before.

When shopping online consumers can easily do a background check of your brand. If they read anything negative it takes just a couple of clicks to find an alternative product from another company. With this in mind it's crucial that you build integrity for your online brand.

Why is Brand Integrity important?

Every brand makes promises to its customers. Some swear that their products are the best while others vow to provide exceptional service. Some promise low low prices while others pledge to pursue sustainable business practices.

But today's shoppers are skeptical. While all these promises may seem impressive they don't mean a thing unless you have the brand integrity to back them up. Here's why it's so important.

1. Brand Integrity increases sales

Consumers trust companies that have brand integrity. And with this increased trust comes increased sales.

Trusting a brand alleviates concerns around the likes of product quality or ethical matters. This in turn removes the barriers to conversion and means shoppers are much more likely to part with their hard-earned cash

According to research from Edelman 81% of consumers need to trust a brand in order to buy something from them. The more a product costs the more essential this trust becomes. Significantly this attitude is common across all markets age groups and income levels.

2. Brand Integrity = Increased customer loyalty

Being committed to certain values allows brands to connect with consumers on a meaningful level - and this builds brand loyalty and integrity.

Emotional connections can be formed when shoppers know a brand will be there to support them if something goes wrong. This also happens when shoppers know their purchases will help support a cause or an idea that they believe in.

Edelman's survey demonstrates that a good reputation can convince consumers to try a product but 67% will stop making purchases if they don't come to trust the brand that makes it.

3. Brand Integrity promotes Brand Advocacy

Brands with integrity consistently deliver on their promises. When this happens customers can confidently recommend its products to friends and family.

This is particularly true for brands that have ambitious or admirable values. When customers really believe in what a brand represents they're more likely to act as an advocate.

These advocates can be incredibly valuable. As well as providing word-of-mouth marketing they also contribute reviews ratings and user-generated content which can drive online sales. Considering just 4% of modern consumers trust advertising this kind of content can be a game changer for brands.

4. Brand Integrity can provide an appealing USP

eCommerce stores have a lot of competition to contend with. So unless your business sells an exclusive one-of-a-kind product the chances are you could benefit from finding a way to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Carefully aligning your company's values with those that matter most to your target audience will provide your business with a unique selling point. If you couple this with dedication and brand integrity you'll be able to stand out - even in the most crowded markets!

5. The value people place on brand integrity is increasing

During the Covid-19 pandemic many people re-evaluated the role that companies play in our society. As a result consumers are on the lookout for trustworthy brands with values that they care about.

Research from Salesforce suggests that 82% of consumers believe trustworthiness matters more now than it did before the pandemic. It also shows that 62% of shoppers have stopped buying from businesses whose values don't match their own.

Final thoughts

Building and maintaining integrity can be tricky. While you may make a brand promise with the best of intentions you don't always know what's around the corner.

However monitoring brand metrics may help sound the alarm before your brand's integrity disappears.

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