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Retail branding is all about building a strong brand identity while also building trust and loyalty with customers and potential customers. 

ChannelSight’s platform helps retail brands stand out among their competitors by using data to strengthen their products’ online performance and maximize conversions at every stage of the consumer journey.

With ChannelSight’s suite of retail branding solutions, you can:

  • Create a consistent brand experience across retailers
  • Convert more consumers with optimized product listings
  • Increase brand engagement with pre-built and customizable landing pages
  • Drive increased sales by ensuring product availability at all times and adapting any promotional campaigns to yours and your competitors stock availability
  • Identify and surface positive customer reviews that can be used as testimonials to showcase product quality
  • Gain insights into common themes within your and your competitors reviews by analyzing aggregated ratings and reviews categorized by retailer, date or market.
  • Use powerful analytics and insights to fuel growth of your products and gain valuable data on content and performance to strengthen your market position.

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