4th of July: 4 Ways to Make Your Marketing Shine

There is more to the 4th of July than just having a blast watching the fireworks. There's great eCommerce opportunities for the holiday as consumer intent will be high. Did you know that $6.8 billion will be spent on food? Or that 150 million hot dogs were eaten in 2017? Or that the record for the most hot dogs eaten in under 10 minutes is 74? Talk about biting off more than you can chew! We are here to help you digest these figures and make the most of your marketing strategy. In celebration of the 4th of July here are the 4 ways you can make your marketing efforts shine.

1. Make It Christmas in July

Typically Amazon Prime Day proudly takes the proud title of 'Christmas in July' but there's more to the month than watching Love Actually again and fighting over Instapots online. Shoppers are ramping up for Prime Day and they are looking for bargains. Take advantage of this momentum with your own promotions and early sales. Independence day can give you that boost in conversion that you're looking for. Have we put Amazon Prime Day into your head? Checkout our handy guide for making 2019 your most successful year yet. The goal of promotions should be more than simple short term revenue. Try to attract new customers to your business with the intention of developing a lifetime customer. Topical eCommerce coupon codes such as 'Fireworks' 'America' or 'Independence' could be a way to bring the 4th of July into your promotions. Also time sensitive promotions can help incite conversions. Finally offers through your newsletter can be a great way to spread the word- but more on that later.

2. Create Fun and Relevant Content

Having a strong content strategy is essential for eCommerce success. Your posts on social media and the blogs should make your visitors want to party like it's 1776. Generate content relevant to the holiday. Nearly 25% of Americans buy patriotic merchandise for the 4th of July. Alongside this billions of dollars are spent on those famous barbeques and other food items. Fireworks alcohol and grilling supplies are all in high demand. Obviously you'll have to take a look at the nature of your brand but you may want to consider including relevant items into your strategy. Blog posts written about travel tips firework safety recipes and other relevant 4th of July topics should do well. Don't forget to optimise your posts for SEO. Americans will be searching online for recipes fireworks decorations holiday crafts party ideas and other DIY plans. The average American spends $300 for the 4th of July so your brand needs to be ready to get consumers while the intent to buy is high!

3. Launch An Exciting Email Campaign

A well thought out newsletter can help make the 4th of July an eCommerce success for your brand. Take a look at Brit + Co's email newsletter. The newsletter screams classic American and the theme of the 4th of July is evident. Sunny days sweet treats and dreamy beach moments are evoked in the content. It's impossible to not want to hit the surf by the time you've scrolled to the bottom. That's our sort of holiday aesthetic! It's also worthy to note that 62.7% of companies sent only ONE email for the 4th of July. There was no need for a follow up or a reminder email. Just one email was needed. Now don't tell us that you don't have time for one newsletter when there's such an opportunity for return!

4. Begin Promoting Next Year This Year

Sometimes the most effective marketing is the most simple. Don't forget to include the word 'annual' in your marketing. This let's shoppers know that you'll have more promotions next year and they'll know to come looking for you online and in store. Finally take some time after the madness of the 4th of July and Prime Day is over. What worked? What could be improved up? Use this to improve your strategy for next year and make the 4th of July your best year yet. Are you looking for help preparing for Christmas in July? Download our handy guide 5 Essential Tactics To Win Amazon Prime Day 2019 and find out how ChannelSight can help you increase conversion and improve your ROI. No fireworks necessary.

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