Introducing Add to Cart & Retailer Location Targeting

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Over the past 10 years, ChannelSight's Where To Buy solution has helped brands to connect consumers with their trusted retail partners, driving increased sales and providing valuable insights into consumer purchase outcomes. Today, we are thrilled to introduce two powerful new features that further enhance the Where To Buy experience: Add to Cart and Retailer Location Targeting.

Simplify the path to purchase and increase conversion rates

With Add to Cart, consumers can effortlessly add products to the cart of their preferred retailer directly from a brand's Buy Now widget. It's as simple as clicking 'Buy Now', selecting their desired retailer, and instantly being taken to the retailer's cart to confirm the item has been added.

By enabling consumers to add products directly to their cart, the likelihood of completing a purchase significantly increases. It eliminates the need for consumers to pause their current activities or search for the product later, preventing potential distractions and discouragement. 

Moreover, Add to Cart is particularly beneficial for brands selling products that may not be the primary reason for a user's purchase. It helps build baskets and becomes part of consumers' weekly or monthly shopping routines, unlocking the potential for repeat purchases. Furthermore it helps Brands capitalise on retailer cart abandonment strategies further increasing the chances of conversion. 

Maximise conversion rates by adapting Retailers based on consumer location

We are also introducing Retailer Location Targeting, a feature that allows brands to customise the retailers displayed in the Buy Now Widget to ensure that consumers are presented with retailers that can deliver to their area or are conveniently situated nearby.

By leveraging Retailer Location Targeting, brands can improve the overall shopping experience by reducing friction and providing customers with relevant and accessible options. No longer will consumers have to navigate through a long list of irrelevant retailers or face disappointment at the checkout stage due to delivery restrictions. 

This level of personalization not only improves customer satisfaction but also boosts conversion rates. By providing consumers with a curated selection of retailers, brands can instil confidence in their consumers, knowing that their preferred retailers are capable of delivering the products to their doorstep.

By incorporating Add to Cart and Retailer Location Targeting within their Where To Buy solution, brands can drive higher conversion rates and improve shopper journeys. The simplified path to purchase and tailored retailer options ensure a convenient and efficient buying journey.

Ready to implement Add to Cart and Retailer Location Targeting into your digital strategy? Speak to the ChannelSight team today to learn how these powerful features can maximise your brand's website traffic and unlock its full online sales potential.

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