Introducing Sentiment Analysis To Our Digital Shelf Analytics

Digital Shelf Analytics
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Our Digital Shelf Plaform solution gives Brands the tools to quickly and easily monitor their products online presence across every digital touchpoint. By centralizing product-level information across the entirety of their digital buying experience, brands can quickly assess performance and implement optimization's.

A critical aspect to understanding performance is understanding and quantifying consumer feedback. Ratings and reviews have become increasingly influential in shaping consumer purchase behaviour with many shoppers relying heavily on them to gain confidence in a product's quality, reliability, and value. Positive reviews and high ratings can boost a product's visibility and credibility, while negative reviews may deter potential consumers.

Today, we're thrilled to announce a powerful addition to our Ratings & Reviews Digital Shelf module: Sentiment Analysis. This new feature lets brands extract meaningful insights from the vast volume of reviews for their product teams, understand consumer sentiment, identify product strengths, and uncover areas for improvement.

Furthermore brands will gain visibility into which retailers' service or delivery issues impact their product ratings across the retailer network. This ensures a consistent brand image and shopping experience for customers.

Reviews contain essential details about product features, performance, durability, and overall experiences. Sentiment Analysis enables brands to analyse the language used by consumers to describe their product experiences and gauge associated sentiment. Leveraging Natural Language Processing, this feature generates aggregated sentiment scores, indicating overall positive or negative sentiment, along with frequently used keywords across languages found in the reviews.

By leveraging this valuable information, brands can gain deep insights into product performance across their entire retailer network. These insights serve as robust signals for product-market fit, empowering product teams with a comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction and perception. Furthermore, having insights into user-generated content enables brands to proactively identify and address specific product issues, safeguarding their brand reputation.

Speak to the ChannelSight team today about adding Reviews Sentiment Analysis to your Digital Shelf solution.

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