Picking the best eCommerce personalisation software for your brand

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According to Google, 90% of top marketers say personalised marketing messages boost business profitability. No surprise, then, that personalisation is now a multi-billion-dollar space. But how do you cut through this crowded market and get the right tools for your brand? Read on and find out.

What is eCommerce personalisation software?

Personalisation tools use machine learning algorithms and AI to tailor and deliver marketing messages to specific audiences. With datasets of sufficient size, these tools can also learn which types of content elicit the right responses over time.

This kind of software can automate messages ranging from email marketing to popups and special offers, even site copy itself. Done right, personalisation helps you scale by:

  • Showing people products which they’re statistically more likely to enjoy
  • Creating a more resonant user journey with more relevant content throughout
  • Unifying your omnichannel strategy and making it feel more cohesive
  • Segmenting audiences and methodically testing what content they like

Which eCommerce businesses should be using personalisation?

Big eCommerce brands with lots of regular traffic are the best ones to leverage personalisation tools. If traffic is growing but conversions are stagnating, your business is a solid candidate for marketing personalisation.

Smaller eCommerce brands are unlikely to have the level of consistent traffic that makes personalisation tools worthwhile. In fact, really boutique brands might be able to personalise and measure their messages’ effectiveness manually.

What features should eCommerce personalisation software have?

Personalisation has to go both ways; it needs to work for your business as much as your customers. Don’t look for a big omnichannel package if your omnichannel strategy is still developing. The best software package for you will depend on many factors, but it should at least have:

  • Flexibility, enough to run any kind of campaign you might need
  • High-quality audience segmentation capabilities
  • Customer success support provided by the same people who make the software
  • Multi-channel support that lets you prioritise high-performing channels
  • Analytics and A/B testing to measure and refine messaging
  • Up-to-date AI powering the solution, not a relic from 2022
  • Full compatibility with your existing eCommerce platform and tools

Takeaway: Boosting profitability with a personal touch

With consumers growing more savvy and more resistant to mass marketing, personalisation is a powerful tool. The right software will help you scale your marketing alongside your business and provide a sustainable path to success.

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