Crafting the best brand monitoring strategy for 2024

Brand Monitoring
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Brand monitoring means gathering information about how your eCommerce brand is perceived and performing, across as many channels as possible. Driven by a solid strategy, you can turn this data into actionable insights and grow your audience.

But nowadays, channels are busier and more complex. Customers are also savvier and more demanding. Satisfying your audience and beating the competition means taking a closer look at your brand.

Why is brand monitoring so important now?

You likely have a solid picture of your ideal customer, perhaps it was or is still accurate. But channels are evolving so fast now, and taking audience behaviors along for the ride. You need a proactive, continual strategy for brand monitoring to ensure your understanding remains up to date.

Brand monitoring can bring other key business benefits like:

·       A better understanding of the purchase journey, with the ability to spot pain points and bottlenecks

·       The ability to address problems fast, or even predict and stop them altogether

·       More opportunities to understand and deepen your relationship with customers

·       Improved understanding of the competition, as well as friendly adjacent brands which complement yours

·       Deeper insight into how your ad spend is performing

Key brand monitoring metrics for 2024

Before you can gather the best mix of brand monitoring tools and software, you need to know exactly what you’re measuring. Depending on your specific objectives, you might want to track key performance indicators(KPIs) like:

·       How often your brand and products are mentioned by name on social media

·       Industry-specific keyword traffic you can leverage for ads and SEO

·       General sentiment: are people saying good things or bad things about you?

·       All of the above for your competitors

What channels should a brand monitoring strategy cover?

Brand monitoring ideally considers as many of your active sales channels as possible. This can complicate matters, since every channel needs to be measured its own way. You don’t get the same data in the same format from Amazon as you do from Reddit.

Collect and standardize data into one format with a system that covers multiple channels like:

·       Your own website and media

·       Search keyword traffic

·       Social media buzz

·       Videos, podcasts, and emerging media

·       News reports

·       Online forums like Reddit

·       Review aggregators

Sentiment analysis at a glance from ChannelSight

Your brand monitoring strategy needs to be bespoke to your business. We help marketing and eCommerce teams by providing the tools to assess your entire digital presence, across every touchpoint. Tools like our Digital Shelf Solution.

Being able to conduct in-depth sentiment analysis lets you pull deeper insights from large quantities of ratings and review data. Quantifying subjective feedback is an incredible boost for teams who want to pinpoint areas for improvement.

In terms of overall brand monitoring, tools like this help you scan your whole retailer network. The result: strategic analysis that’s authentically built around your entire business. Talk to ChannelSight about how to get a deeper understanding of the conversation surrounding your brand.

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