ChannelSight leads the way with participation in new initiative: Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral 2020

Largest Private Sector Initiative To Rally Irish Companies To Fight Climate Change and Restore Native Woodlands

John Becket CEO & Co-Founder has launched this first of its kind initiative to lead Irish Tech to carbon neutrality

Dublin November 5 2019 ChannelSight CEO & co-founder John Beckett today launches his new social enterprise Forestry Partners and its flagship campaign Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral 2020.

Arising out of an internal project at ChannelSight in 2018 with a company-wide objective to achieve carbon neutrality John Beckett began research to see how these efforts could be leveraged by the entire tech community in Ireland and beyond. The result is the launch of Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral 2020 today with a mission to work with Irish businesses to help them offset their carbon emissions while helping to restore and protect native Irish woodlands.

ChannelSight will immediately begin to make use of the technology developed by Forestry Partners for this initiative and along with other participant companies will be provided with access to an online tool which will allow them to track and easily understand the emissions they are responsible for. These emissions will be rated by Forestry Partners with a score and a cost to plant woodlands to offset those emissions.

Leading the way with ChannelSight is Phorest, iCabbi, SoapBox Labs, and over 30 other businesses who have signed up in advance of the launch. The ambitious plans for the first year involve a total of 250 Irish partners signing up with the goal of creating at least 25000 tons of CO2 equivalent offsets and achieving 200 acres of planted or committed woodland. All planting is audited by third party foresters and the results published in accordance with the highest international standards of forestry management and certification. These standards ensure that all forest cover must be permanent verifiable and additional over what would have otherwise occurred.

John Beckett believes that no tech/business community has come together in this way anywhere in the world . We believe this campaign is the first step to transitioning Ireland to become a global leader in the fight against climate change led by the private sector in an inclusive meaningful and enjoyable way while creating a lasting legacy of restored Irish woodlands.

About ChannelSight

ChannelSight makes the world instantly shoppable. We enable brands to grow online and offline sales while giving unique insights into content and campaign performance. Our Where to Buy technology integrates with content across all digital channels. This is to help customers jump straight to an approved retail partner to complete their purchase instantly. Therefore ChannelSight engineers a fast frictionless buying journey for customers. Above all providing actionable marketing intelligence that makes a real difference to how brands succeed online.

About Forestry Partners

Forestry Partners is a carbon off-setting social enterprise founded in 2019 by John Beckett which brings together leading industry figures alongside climate forestry and biodiversity experts to partner with Irish businesses to fulfil an ambitious 2020 strategic plan to improve Ireland's climate change performance through the creation of large areas of new native woodlands. Forestry Partners will provide businesses with easy-to-use online tools and educational material to understand the emissions they are responsible for and provide equivalent offsetting solutions which are certified by Forestry Partners' third-party auditors in accordance with the highest international standards.

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