Fast 50 Award: Big Milestone On An Exciting Journey

There are targets for a scale-up business like ChannelSight that you know you have to hit but there are other milestones along the way that you may not plan for but are delighted to achieve. Winning a place in the Deloitte Fast 50 is one of them.

I look forward to sitting down with my peers at the event this week and celebratingourrankingas one of the country's 50 fastest growing technology companies. Now in its twentieth year in Ireland the Fast 50 has always been a great barometer of the Irish tech scene a chance to see which businesses are on the rise and the types of technology that are gaining traction in the commercial world. Right now eCommerce is a hot spot and we are proud to be part of it.

Great people make great products

What I have enjoyed about being part of the Fast 50 is that it gives our team some recognition on home soil. Our eCommerce products are used by hundreds of brands across 65 countries which means we have a very global focus. Yet it is Ireland that has provided the foundation for us to grow particularly when it comes to recruiting talent.

A consequence of Google and Facebook setting up here and the likes of Microsoft and IBM before themis that Ireland has developed an excellent talent pool which has been fundamental to ChannelSight's success.We've gone from 35 to 80 employees in the last two yearsbuilding up a world-class team that we will continue to expand.

Then it comes down to what you do with your talent. Our special sauce is developing technology that gives brands like Philips Sony Mondelez and Bosch access to insights recommendations and data in complex eCommerce ecosystems that are increasingly difficult to navigate.

When consumers buy from brands offline it is relatively easy to determine where they came from and what they bought information that would inform marketing and advertising spends. Online there are so many e-tailers and traffic channels that it's hard to access behavioural data to accurately inform marketing strategies.

Direct access to data

ChannelSight has a compelling proposition that solves this problem. We provide customers with direct access to data that enables them to analyse content and advertising effectiveness. They can see exactly what's working and devise the best way to optimise their future marketing spends.

We have invested millions of euro in building this technology and will continue to invest to stay far ahead of the competition. Our product roadmap will see us launch a significant number of new tools next year that will help our customers scale out further and do more in their eCommerce ecosystems. Our business model is predicated on our ability to scale with them and our growth is a reflection of their success.

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