Upgrading owned and earned media with Shoppable Media landing pages

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ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution isn’t just designed for brand websites, they can be added to other digital assets too. Think online display ads, social media ads, videos, landing pages and social posts. 

Creating a wide range of external content that is both trackable and shoppable presents brands the opportunity to streamline the path to purchase. 

This Shoppable Media allows brands to keep track of consumer behaviour too - even when consumers are brought to a third-party retailer site. 

After clicking a ‘Buy Now’ button in an Instagram story, a Facebook ad or a Buzzfeed banner, consumers can be sent directly to a brand’s product page, a specially designed landing page or a third-party retailer website. 

ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution is compatible with a wide range of social media and advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook advertising, the Trade Desk and any other platform that accepts third-party links.

This innovative cross-channel tool comes with all sorts of unique benefits, including:

  • The ability to reach consumers wherever they are 
  • More engaging advertisements 
  • Access to omnichannel advertising data 
  • Increased return on marketing investment

The Ability To Reach Consumers Wherever They Are 

Today, brands can connect with consumers across multiple digital touchpoints such as search engines, a range of social media channels, chat platforms - the list goes on and on. 

With the Where to Buy solution, brands can reach their audiences wherever they explore online and present them with shoppable content. This provides brands with greater control over the consumer journey, even if they don’t offer direct-to-consumer shopping. 

So, using the Where to Buy solution in conjunction with advertising, social posts and other content allows brands to capture this audience at a crucial stage of their journey.

Actionable Insights 

40% of consumers start their product searches on search engines, while another 27% begin on social media.

More Engaging Advertisements 

With the Where to Buy solution, brands can make almost any asset shoppable. Whether you create a video, a visually stunning banner ad, or an emotionally engaging social post, you can combine this impactful content with shoppable ‘Buy Now’ buttons. 

Whether your brand is all about lifestyle images, eye-catching graphics, or influencer led product demos, you can stick to your style guide without compromising on conversion opportunities. 

The fact that consumers can click on their preferred retailer adds a level of personalisation to the journey and improves the consumers’ experience. Actionable Insights 40% of consumers start their product searches on search engines, while another 27% begin on social media. 

This gives a positive impression on the brand as consumers who are unfamiliar with a brand will be pleased by the convenience and brand trustworthiness offered by these kinds of shoppable ads driving up conversions.

Actionable Insights 

Michelob Ultra, an American beer brand, ran an appealing display ad with the use of Where to Buy technology. The graphic was eye-catching but the list of clickable ‘Buy Now’ options really made it stand out. 

Access To Omnichannel Advertising Data 

ChannelSight provides brands with advanced business intelligence, which can help them understand their target audience and the journeys that drive conversions. 

Those who use Where to Buy widgets across a range of digital assets gain access to unique omnichannel data that isn’t available elsewhere. They can view the metrics of multi-channel ad campaigns altogether in one report, for example. 

This allows brands to sharpen their audience targeting and allocate their resources to content types that work best.


“One of the fundamental concerns that consistently came up for us was losing insights into our conversion data once consumers left our website. This is no longer an issue… With ChannelSight’s reporting we have access to advanced performance insights at the click of a button. From this, we can see the overall revenue potential of our marketing effort - both organic and paid” - Michael Knott, Director of Digital Media, Programs and Analytics at Logitech

Brands like Logitech use ChannelSight’s cross-channel tracking to understand the true impact of both their paid and organic media. Prior to the implementation of its Where to Buy solution, Logitech could only track conversions that took place on its direct-to-consumer store. Now, it has sales insights from across its entire sales network. 

Increased Return On Marketing Investment 

Adding ‘Buy Now’ buttons to your ads can provides your audience with the quickest path to purchase. By sending shoppers directly to their preferred retail sites, your brand should achieve greater conversion rates. Otherwise, the user journey would be more complex and more prospects would be lost along the way. 

Brands can also combine Shoppable Media with audience retargeting to really maximise their conversions. Presenting streamlined, shoppable ads to warm leads who have already shown an interest in your brand or products is sure to result in an admirable ROI. 

Using the Where to Buy solution allows brands to understand their consumers' third-party retailers and marketplaces relationships, allowing them to strategically strengthen their relationships with key partners - perhaps even undertaking co-marketing campaigns.

For more information on how you can implement a Shoppable Media Landing Page into your campaigns, book a demo here.

Complementing your Direct-to-Consumer strategy with a Where to Buy Solution
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