Optimising your omnichannel consumer journeys with a streamlined path to purchase

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How Add to Cart and Real Time Stock & Price pair up to provide the ultimate digital consumer experience

The consumer journey is transforming right before our very eyes and it has no signs of slowing down.

It has become increasingly fragmented, with studies showing that shoppers now interact with brands on up to 20 different channels.

In 2023, global retail e-commerce sales reached 5.8 trillion U.S. dollars and is projected to grow an estimated 39% by 2027.

So it is safe to say eCommerce is only going to continue its rise to prominence in the coming years.

How are you ensuring your brands don’t get lost in the digital void?

Understanding the evolving consumer path to purchase is half the battle, but putting those insights into action is what will ultimately get you a slice of the $5.8t pie.

We see consumers are prioritising convenience and social media trends over traditional financial considerations, so optimising every touchpoint of your omnichannel campaign is crucial.

With our Add to Cart solution, consumers can now unlock multichannel shopping in just one click.

That’s right - single click checkouts across media channels for any product in your catalogue, delivering frictionless shopping to consumers at any touchpoint.

A step further: we provide real time stock & price information, ensuring no brand ever misses a sale due to a broken consumer journey.

And we know up to 83 percent of shoppers compare prices on a few different sites before making an online purchase, so providing geo-aware stock and price in real time to shoppers is crucial to maximising sales conversions and increasing omnichannel performance. 

With Add to Cart and Real Time Stock & Price functionalities, your Where to Buy solution makes it possible to deliver compelling experiences across as many relevant channels as possible, while preventing missed sales due to an irrelevant set of online and in-store retailers. 

With these features, your brand campaigns will:

  • Streamline the Path to Purchase​: Enable consumers to effortlessly add products into their retailer carts, amplifying conversions and gathering comprehensive sales and checkout data.
  • Maximise Conversions​: Enhance media efficiency with a single-click checkout experience across all your channels, ensuring more products swiftly land in consumers' carts.
  • Drive Recurring Sales​: Become part of consumers' regular shopping routines, increasing the likelihood for potential repeat purchases. Thus, capitalising on retailer cart abandonment strategies to increase the chances of conversion. 

By guaranteeing a smooth path to purchase, your optimised consumer experience can make a lasting impression on your brand campaigns and maximise sales conversions.

Find out how we can help by talking to the ChannelSight team today.

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