The Power of 'Where to Buy' Technology

Where To Buy
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The Power of 'Where to Buy' Technology in Improving Conversion Rates and Buyer's Journey

In an increasingly digital world, consumers are now expecting more from their online shopping experiences. Brands need to meet these expectations by implementing effective ecommerce strategies. One such strategy is incorporating 'Where to Buy' technology, such as the solution offered by ChannelSight​​.

ChannelSight’s 'Where to Buy' service allows brands to add a 'Buy Now' call to action on their websites or product pages, guiding customers to complete purchases and tracking their buying decisions. This technology connects brands, consumers, and retailers, offering a unique opportunity to understand purchase outcomes and create ideal shopper experiences​​.

The average conversion rate across all industries is 2.9%, with form rate and call rate averaging 1.7% and 1.2% respectively​. ChannelSight’s service, however, can achieve up to a 20% conversion rate for brands by removing barriers to online shopping and connecting them to partner retailers, allowing consumers to complete purchases without disruptions​​.

The benefits of using 'Where to Buy' technology are numerous. It helps brands drive sales and grow revenue by monetizing motivated consumers directly from their websites and connecting them with trusted retailers. The technology also ensures no missed sales opportunities by eliminating competitor distractions and guaranteeing that consumers are directed to retailers that have products in stock​​.

Optimizing the buyer's journey is another significant advantage of 'Where to Buy' technology. Brands can customize the shopping experience, providing consumers with market-specific widgets, retailer options, real-time stock look-up availability, and comprehensive analytics to track performance across the entire consumer journey​.

In conclusion, integrating 'Where to Buy' technology into your omnichannel strategy is a proven method to boost conversions and enhance the buyer's journey. Brands can optimize marketing ROI, maximize product coverage, and improve shopper experiences by harnessing the power of this innovative solution​​.

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