Use Google and Online Reviews to Increase Brand Trust & Conversions


Shopping online and finding the right product can be a tedious task for many consumers. This becomes even more important for consumers when purchasing high-involvement products such as consumer electronics or white goods as they are likely to spend a large amount of money. This is where Ratings come in - they are a key part of the consumer buyer journey today. They are important as they are key factors in influencing consumer purchasing decisions.

Why you ask?

This is because Ratings are an important validation point for online shoppers. Ratings also create trust between a buyer and a seller. When consumers come across a well-rated product they are more willing to trust in that product promise engage with the brand and consequently purchase it.

If a product does not have good ratings consumers might not trust that product is what they are looking for and they can easily leave the page or get distracted by competitors' products with a better average rating. As a result it's vital for brands to consider this when building a digital strategy and help avoid competitive distraction along with building trust.

Google Ratings, Digital Strategy and Driving Conversions

Now that we have established that consumers are influenced by Ratings during their path to purchase it's vital for your brand to incorporate this in your strategy. Your brand needs to be on the top of it and have a full picture of your product portfolio.

Some key questions to ask yourself are:

How are my products being rated on my key retailers?

Do I have a good average rating with my new product launches?

What is the latest average rating of my hero products?

Do I have a full view of ratings across products and eCommerce sites?

Understanding the importance of asking these questions and having an answer for the questions above is crucial for your brand digital strategies. Not only can Ratings impact your retail sales but also your campaigns performance as you might be focusing on products that have been rated poorly recently. So what can a ratings solution do for your brand?

Build a winning strategy with Buy Now and Ratings Solution

A Where To Buy solution minimizes the steps in the consumer journey and delivers a friction less experience for the consumer from the brand site to the purchase point on the retailer website. It helps brands drive more online sales by connecting your online consumers through a tracked 'Buy Now' button that is placed on the brand's website or digital asset directly to online retailers such as Amazon Tesco or Target to complete their purchase.

Ratings can go hand in hand with your Buy Now solution. They increase buying intent and as a result conversions from your product pages or digital assets. Including ratings in your brand experience helps users to continue with confidence through their buying journey. These two solutions go hand in hand as they help consumers in their buying journey. Not only can they help increase buying intent but also build trust and as a result drive conversions from your product pages or digital assets.

�These are some of the key benefits of including ratings for your brand strategy and to drive conversions:

  • Real Ratings build trust in your brand's own content �
  • Harness positive scores for product pages and where-to-buy widgets �
  • Push higher credibility and ultimately conversion rate �
  • Optimize budget by promoting your best-rated products
  • Meet consumers' demand for user-generated content

Increased visibility your products and their ratings

Comprehensive analytics will help you to understand your ratings across your product catalog. However not only will it help you track product ratings but also give insights on how they are impacting consumers - positively or negatively. This can help you build a data driven digital strategy.

You need to have a full picture of well-rated products as well as poorly-rated products. This will allow you to better your digital strategies. Furthermore you can focus on what is performing well and most importantly avoid wasting budget on products that are not. Your campaigns might be trafficking to retailer products that have been receiving bad ratings recently and this will impact how users interact with your products once they land on the retailer product page.

Want to learn more about pairing Ratings with your Buy Now solution? Want access to reports that identify your product rating performance? Speak to one of our experts today to learn more.

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