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With over 1000 active retail partners across the globe we at ChannelSight are uniquely positioned to measure and present the global trends in the eCommerce ecosystem.

In the past few weeks the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in various government-imposed lockdown restrictions across jurisdictions. This has impacted the eCommerce Industry across the board.

Our Market Tracker is an easy-to-digest overview of how our eCommerce traffic and sales have been trending since the 1st week of February prior to the pandemic. You can use the filters to review either traffic performance or sales performance and analyse it across various markets. We will be updating the data regularly and providing market insights from our Brand Performance experts.

The Market Tracker running off ChannelSight data collected from over 1000 retailers globally already shows us clear indicators around consumer behaviour. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic sales have increased steadily across virtually all categories. However traffic results have been more dependent on the levels of lockdown restrictions imposed. We can see in the graphic the difference in traffic & sales performance trend per country impacted by the level of the lockdown being imposed.

One of the things we have also noticed in recent weeks is that our clients have adjusted marketing activities around this growing demand. We are seeing evidence of them partnering more closely with their e-tail partners for facilitating product stock ups and deliveries. This in turns impacts the conversion results.

General insights gathered so far

Here are some of the initial insights which we saw in recent weeks:

  • The lockdown decisions when taken have seemingly resulted in direct increases in France Spain and Italy.
  • Overall we're seeing an ongoing growing trend in France Spain Germany and Switzerland. Whereas the Netherlands and Italy might have reached their peak level for now.
  • The UK saw a much stronger increase initially which indicates a quick market reaction and might have reached its peak performance around mid-April.

Build your own reports

You can build your own reports by choosing the most relevant markets for you. You can also choose whether you want to view sales data or traffic data.

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