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The Leading Digital Shelf
Platform Provider  

ChannelSight is recognized as a leader in Digital Shelf Analytics Platforms and gives Brands the Digital Ecommerce tools to quickly and easily monitor their products online presence across every digital touchpoint across the internet.

As a product marketer, you know that having the best Digital Shelf Platform is essential to your success. It's where consumers discover, research, and buy your products online. But how do you know if your products are being displayed in the best possible way?

The Best Digital Shelf Platform

That's where digital shelf analytics comes in. Digital shelf analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data about your products' performance on the digital shelf. This data can tell you things like:

  • Where your products are being displayed
  • How your products are being priced
  • What kind of reviews your products are getting
  • How your products are performing compared to your competitors

With all of this data easily at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your products' performance on the digital shelf. You can improve your product listings, adjust your pricing, and address any issues that are affecting your reviews.