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Digital Shelf
Analytics Platform Providers

The Digital Shelf gives Brands the tools to quickly and easily monitor their products online presence across every digital touchpoint. This centralised repository of product level information across the scale of their digital buying experiences, helps Brands to quickly asses performance and implement optimisations as efficiently as possible.

Customise your Digital Shelf solution

Choose the full suite of Digital Shelf products or select only the features you need. Once you've selected your package simply share with us a list of product SKU numbers, active markets, your preferred Retailers and your competitor and the categories they operate in. Our team will do the rest.

See your Aggregated Product data in one place

Our internal proprietary software matches your product info with all sources of publicly available data, plus our 1550+ integrated retail partners on a daily/weekly cadence. In the background we then translate that data into actionable information.

Dashboards and filters help make all that information searchable giving you high level landscape overview (E.g. trending data on reviews, pricing and stock levels over time) plus the ability to deep dive onto specific topics (E.g. find all negative product reviews that mention the word 'quality').

Track performance and take action

You will have a centralised repository of all product content and product performance across your digital buying experiences. This information will help you to quickly understand and implement optimisations as efficiently as possible.

Depending on your needs, you can then self-serve the data and insights you need in your ChannelSight portal or integrate the data with your own internal Analytics platforms.

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